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Drove through a puddle yesterday. Here in New England we've got a bit more
water than we're normally accustomed to...

After I went through this puddle...well okay, it was a new lake forming on
Route 9...all of the lights in the middle of the console went on and then
went back off. A little while later I parked for a while and then
restarted. Lights were back on and the voltage was down (according to the

Car seemed to run normally...

Each time I splashed through a puddle, I got a brief belt squeal and a
flash of the lights...dimly. The ABS light seemed to be the head culprit.

Is this normal operating mode for a wet Audi, or does it sound like I've
got some insulation or something that's weak?

This is on a 1990 200T (nonQ).


Lee Levitt
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