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UK quattro Owners Club Jackets

We've investigated the costs of shipping to the USA.

Surface shipment is close enough to our European costs for the Club to eat the 
difference out of the (small) profit we make on each coat.
Airmail shipment is an extra $12.  Ouch!

Base price for members is $82.50, with airmail delivery $94.50.

Non-members - $120, with airmail deliver $132 (includes 1997 membership).

Orders by 25 October, payment before shipment.  Anyone fancy volunteering to 
collate cash again?

There are no limits, other than reasonableness, on the length of the name 
embroidered in the personalised panel (which, in typical understated British 
fashion, is on the _inside_ of the back).  Each is done by hand, so if your 
parents lumbered you with "Theodopolous T. Wildebeeste" it will probably wind 
up on either an extra-large panel or on two lines.  YMMV.

We _do_ need to close the orders by 25 October (Friday of this week).

Roger Galvin (Membership Secretary) is collecting the orders because he knows 
who's a member and who isn't.  He isn't on the net, however, so you can either 
communicate with him through me, or use the Demon faxserver:

(Ain't technology wunnerful?)

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club