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Re: 4Kq: Hose for Clutch Slave cyl

> My car is leaking brake fluid in this vicinity. The hose looks wet, brake
> and Clutch MC are fine. Do these hoses spring leaks? Could it be the slave
> cylinder? If SC where would it leak from.

Could be the slave, could be the hose.  The hose is actually 2
pieces, a rubber piece and a metal piece.  If you remove the hose
it's easier to pop the slave out and spin it to remove the
hose because it does not have a spin-type connector at the slave.
The connector on the metal side of the hose is a spinon.

The slave would probably leak from inside itself.  Is the fluid
you are seeing above the level of the slave?
If so, I doubt that the fluid would climb the hose :)

| Dan |