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RE: Buying a '90 90 Quattro 20V?

Timothy King said

Hi -- (A lurker speaks!)

I test drove this 90/90Q Saturday. It's got 61,000 miles, body's in good
shape --
Hi Tim,
 I've found car buying to be a highly personal choice..but here's my
 I purchased my '90 90Q20v last June for $10,650..it is equipped very   
much like your potential purchase but had 91,285 miles at purchase...in   
addition I considered the real purchase cost to be +immediately necessary   
repairs...drag arms on front, new timing belt, new thermo, rim   
straightening and other odds and ends for a total of $650 or a total ship   
shape cost of $11,300....with no warrantee to speak of.
 I have put over 20,000 miles on it since the end of June and they have   
been pretty much trouble free miles...'cept for the new bomb; which I   
consider part of the Audi ownership plan.
 As for the climate control system...it seems perfectly normal for this   
car (according to listers) to hesitate, lurch, whatever when the climate   
control is active and possibly triggering A/C if getting too warm.?!. The   
clicking sound might concern me.  PUT THE CAR ON A LIFT! Check for all   
the normal stuff..Pentosin spew...CVs..hidden damage...exhaust etc. Try   
the ECON setting to reduce hesitation (miss sensation).
 I'm sure you'll get more feedback from others.
 Lastly, yes, the price is high, but the demand, even though narrow may   
take it at that price anyway....here in NH I felt lucky to get mine for   
what I did.  A dealer in these parts could have waited a month for the   
right customer and got $12K+.
 The decision is not so much what the market will bear with these   
things...but what is it worth to you in light of other options.  Good   
Luck, write if you need more info or have specific ????'s

Paul Royal
 90 90Q20v
 87 5Ks (Cremate or Bury?)
 67 SS/RS 350 Camaro (Capri Cream, Power Slide, Loaded, Slow)
 90 Suzuki VX800 (Wear a Helmet)