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RE: sport quattro & S2 (was RE: ur-quattro)

The S2 is the Type 89 Coupe (the coupe is modeled after the 1988-1991
80/90 sedan) with the 20v turbo motor and quattro driveline. It's a
little different than the Coupe quattro with a turbo motor, with things
like 16" five bolt wheels, a shock tower brace, decent headlights, the
hood styling from the >1992 90/Cabrio (grille is part of the hood, not
separate) plus the joyous 220+ hp turbo motor. It was not imported to
North America. The closest we can get is the Coupe quattro, and drop in
a '91 200q or S4/S6 motor.
Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black
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>I didnt know what the sport was (now I do) but the only other audi that
>I dont know really what it is is the s2 (yes, I have read dan's faq, but
>im still confused). What is the S2?