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Re: UK Club Jackets

Dan Simoes wrote:
>> I'm not trying to be a pain, but the UK club is its own
>> entity, and while I'm glad they exist and some of you are
>> interested in joining, I don't want this to be a list for
>> discussion of UK club matters.  I would apply this to any
>> other club, including QCUSA.

Then Phil Payne said:

>I believed that what I was posting served a significant subset of the
>list.  I've also posted factory oil pressure specifications today, and
>other things.  I was also, with the jacket issue, trying to address a
>group that exists nowhere else.
>I'm sorry if I caused offence.  I have received an offer to host a
>"UK-only" group in email in the last hour - but I find it very, very
>sad, in view of the paucity of enthusiasm for Audis around the world,
>that we have to be divided.

With all due respect, Dan, and the great appreciation for this wonderfull list you 
maintain, I don't think either party would benefit if we try to screen our 
european quattro-heads out of our list and seclude ourselves within our shores.*

*Note: I am speaking from my heart here. I don't need a UK club's jacket and I 
don't care for an Audi key ring.