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Re: interior lights on A4

On Oct 22, 12:18am, i6941tb@gnn.com wrote:

> Yes I did it within the first week of ownership of my 200TQ - I
> was just plain annoying.
> There is a timing relay under dash....


Not sure how things work in the 200TQ, but Kevin's problem isn't
something that was created at the factory.  The A4Q's interior
lights shut off immediately when you put the key in the ignition
and start the engine.  His problem is that he has somehow
subverted that mechanism.  My guess is that when you open a door,
the 555 timer is started, and the lights are lit.  The key insertion
(or is it the act of starting the car? I forget) is probably wired
so as to reset the 555, thereby killing the lights, but Kevin
has somehow disconnected, grounded, or plustwelved this wire
at the radio harness.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q