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Re: Audi Beaurocracy Help, Please......

> >In message <961018023239_129229147@emout19.mail.aol.com> Chukolives@aol.com
> writes:
> >
> >> proprietary parts.  The car was simply a lemon.  The original service manual
> >> indicated that the timing belt should be replaced at 90k miles.....
> Then Phil wrote:
> >I find that part hard to believe.  The 60k maximum idea has been around for a 
> >_long_ time over here in Europe. 

> Then Bob Wheeldon wrote: 
> I just re-checked the manuals provided with my '90 V8Q and NONE of them
> mention a word about preventive maintenance replacemant of the timing belt.

Strange. Mine has two _inserts for Audi maintenance_   with factory 
notation _this applies only to Audi V8 vehicles and must be inserted 
into the Audi Maintenance Booklet_  one insert is for 60k timing belt 
change and one for changing engine coolant.

The Service Writer insisted I have the belt changed at 60K (I  was 
reluctant $$$). He said I was on borrowed time. I agree with Phil that 
belt should be changed around 45K.  Three hundred bucks or so to 
avoid the possibility of a 3-5000 $ bill seems to be cheap insurance. 

It would be a great Audi world if all service departments were as 
conscientious and helpful as the one I use. And I know there are other
posters on this list who don't agree.

And now, hat in hand, I head south to have my sliding roof adjusted!

Whidbey Island, WA