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Radio static-fule system hesitation

I've have an odd question I hope one of you smart, or at least more 
knowledgeable, people can answer.  My 90 80Q hesitates when cold.  No big 
deal, just dirty injectors of valves.  My radio also has static when 
idealing.  When the RPMs go above 2000 the static goes away.

To clean the fuel system I add BG 44k to my last tank of gas.  The 
hesitation goes away and the engine seems to run better.  

The weird thing is that the static in the radio also went away.  I can't 
figure out how the static in the radio and the hesitation could be 
related because they both disappeared when I used a can of BG 44k.

Also, the light that illuminate the led display is out.  The radio is the 
stock radio made by panisonic, I think.  If it's possible, how difficult 
is it to replace the bulb?

As always, thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing some answers 
to my mystery.