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Re: CQ shocks (again)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Anastasios Kotsikonas say:

> I have taken my CQ in for shocks replacement; I've decided to go with
> Boge turbo gas; the shop, however, suggests that I replace the shock
> mounts ($20 a piece) for the front, and the rear strut mounts as well (at
> $110 a piece). My question is do I really need to replace those with 73K miles?
> The front shock mounts are fine looking at them externally... what should
> I be looking for?

Doing the fronts is pretty cheap insurance. For $20 each (can actually
get them for less) and no labor, you avoid sloppy bushings that will
cost $$$ in redundant labor to replace later.

I've never really hear of doing the rears prophylactically, though.


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