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quattro list info - updated

		Quattro List Info Message - October 22,1996


quattro is a list for Audi *enthusiasts*.  You need not own an Audi
to join the list, nor must you own specifically own a quattro model,
though many list members do.  Anything and everything about Audis can be 
discussed, from problems to features, where to get parts and so forth. 
However, there are certain things which are acceptable and some which are
not.  Please see the section below about submitting mail to the list.

This list is served by majordomo, an automated mailing list manager.
All subscribe/unsubscribe requests are processed automatically.
Majordomo commands ARE SENT TO MAJORDOMO, not to the list.
Please remember this!

Let's try that again:

That means that you DO NOT send a note to quattro saying "unsubscribe me 

This list is unmoderated.  That means that anything you 
send to the list can and will be delivered to all list members without
any approval or editing.   Note that since this is a discussion list, the
Reply-to line is set to the list.  Replying to a message will cause your
reply to be sent to the whole list.  If you want to send a personal note to
the person who sent the message, you need to specify that in your To: line.
Some mailers do this automatically, some don't.  In some extreme cases you
will need to cut-n-paste the originator's address from the message headers
or his signature line.

Neither I (Dan Simoes) nor ANS, who really has nothing to do with this list,
are responsible in any way for the validity of any statements made on this
mailing list.  This list is unmoderated and while I do try to reroute
discussions that are inappropriate, I do not censor messages in any way.
As such, each author is personally responsible for what he/she writes and
posts to the list, and likewise holds sole copyright to each individual
post.  If you have any questions about this matter please contact me

Common Questions And Problems

*** How do I subscribe to the list?

To subscribe to the quattro list, send email containing the line

subscribe quattro

in the BODY of the message to majordomo@coimbra.ans.net.

There is also a digest version, quattro-digest.

*** How do I get off the list?

To unsubscribe from the list, send email containing the line

unsubscribe quattro

in the BODY of the message to majordomo@coimbra.ans.net.

*** How do I submit a message to the list?

Once you have been subscribed, you can send messages to the list by mailing to

Should you have a problem requiring human intervention, send mail to

*** What sort of things should I not send to the list?

- Try to avoid sending anything that is unrelated to Audis.  If
  you're not sure if you should send it, send it to quattro-owner
  first, and I will let you know if it is acceptable.  The idea here
  is not to censure content but to keep the noise levels down.

- Don't use the word "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" in the first few lines
  of your message, as the majordomo software automatically filters those
  messages and bounces them to me.  Use other words or mask out a few 
  characters using different symbols (ie s*bscribe)

- Audi club matters.  If you are forming a club or announcing a new club
  or group, feel free to send a message telling us about it.  However,
  in general the list is NOT to be used as a forum for communicating with
  your members.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

- Vendors.  The parts vendor table exists to meet the need for vendo
  sources.  If you'd like to be on that table, send me a note.  Under
  no circumstances should you send a note to the list to promote your
  products or services.

*** There's too much mail.  Is there a digest?

The quattro list is a fairly active list.  AOL, Compuserve and Prodigy
users please note - your mailbox may overfill.  This happens quite a bit.
If it does happen often, you will be dropped from the list.  If you are
paying per message received, you will do better with the digest instead
since there are less headers.

The digest version of the list contains all the messages sent to the list,
grouped into large chunks so you get less mail messages (albeit larger 
messages).  If you want to be on the digest version, simply subscribe to 
quattro-digest using the method outlined above.  If you are on the normal
quattro list and want to change to the digest version, you must unsubscribe
from quattro and subscribe to quattro-digest using the normal procedure.

*** I got a note about a bounce.  What's that?

If you submitted a note to the list and you got a bounce message, it doesn't
mean that it didn't make it to the list, but that one of the list subscribers
could not be reached.  In most cases, you don't have to do anything, since
I will see a copy of the bounce and try to take care of the problem.
But if you want to, you can forward a copy of the bounce to postmaster at the
offending site.

*** What if MY address bounces?

NOTE: bounces will not be tolerated.  If I notice a bounce continuing over a
      period of more than 2 days or so, I will attempt to notify your admin
      of the problem but most likely you will be dropped from the list. 
      You can always resubscribe once the problem has cleared up.

*** I have a question.  Should I post it to the list?

Before you start sending questions to the list, you should look at the
archives.  There are various files on topics such as parts_vendors and 
mechanics (the subject of these should be obvious).  If you have any
good additions to these files, let me know.  Also, the list itself is
archived in monthly chunks called quattro.9410, quattro.9411, etc.
There is lots of good info on here, and odds are your question has been
asked before, probably lots of times in fact.

All these files are stored on coimbra.ans.net and can be retrieved using 2
different methods:
- email: send mail to majordomo@coimbra.ans.net, in the body say:
index quattro
  You can then use the get command to retrive files.
- http://coimbra.ans.net/quattro.html
  This is the best method, so please make use of it.
ftp will NOT work, nor will telnet, so don't bother trying.

*** You still haven't answered my question about the list.

Then fire off a note to quattro-owner@coimbra.ans.net.  I'll be glad
to help if I can.  Note that I am not an all-knowing quattro guru, so
send your Audi-related questions to the list...AFTER checking the archives.
Enjoy the list!

Your friendly listmeister :)
| Dan |  
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