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Wheels for sale

Wheels for sale,

A friend of mine has four Compomotive TH wheels for sale.  They are from his GTI
but could go on an early 4000.  I checked the TSW book and the offset and hub
centers are the same for his VW and some 4000s,  guess FWD only.

16x7  Comp TH

35mm offset, 57.1 hub center

4x100 bolt pattern

Continental CZ 91 205-45-16s

The wheels and tires are a whopping 1000miles old!  All near new.

They are white with blue Compomotive lettering, it peels off if you like.  The
TH wheel is what you see on alot of Rally cars in europe, that wide big flat
center with what, twenty little short spokes around the edge.  The Lancia
Intergrales used to run the OZ version of the same thing.  Great brake cooling
they say and strong.  These are what they run in GRpN.

Anyway he wants $850 for the set of wheels and tires.  He may break them up if
you only want the wheels.

Get back to me and I can hook you up with him.