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New List rules and etiquete

The times, they are a changin'...

>dave sez:                                                                       
>>Getting a bit much? There has been <10 notes generated
>> on this subject, nowhere near the volume of the K-run

>i've got no problem with this thread - it's easy to delete or
>page forward      
>through anything.                                                             
>but c'mon, dave!  the kanc run thread was about (get this!)
>actually driving    
>quattros with other quattros in their natural environment the
>way they beg to   
>be driven.  (and meeting the people we communicate with
>on a daily basis.)      
>whereas this thread is about, well, threads.                        
>i read nearly every post about the kanc run and i'm 3000
>miles away.            
>OTOH i would have been satisfied by one post about the
>jacket with a            
>detailed description. (BTW, no offense intended, phil - just
>an example)        

Hey, I too read the K-run threads with interest. I think it was
great that a group of audi enthusiasts got together and drove
their cars. I was just using it as an example which could we
compare volume wise to the thread in question. The 
listmeister commented on how it was getting a bit much and
my reply was that not that many bytes had been transfered
about said subject.

I don't quite get the new list rules, you can talk about
anything and everything about audis except:
-any organised club or club activity, which now means
  QCUSA, quattro Owners Club, NWAQC, ACI subjects 
  are taboo
- 4 rings of frustration keyring buys shouldn't be organized
  through the list
and others I can't seem to recall, from which Dan said he
didn't really like.

Does this mean that thompsons or PDQSHIPs excellent
reports about driving events which are organised by some
club(other than the q-list) are now not welcome? After all 
it is related to some club activity. Maybe an extreme
example, but from my seat, things seem to be moving in 
that direction.

It's a shame since I believe all of the above subjects are
valid for discussion under the Audi umbrella. But, it's Dans
sandbox and he can limit which pails and shovels we bring 
to play with. I guess I have a lot of different colored pails
and shovels and like to play with them all, and am really
somewhat taken back by the new rules. To the point that,
well... I just don't know what to say. But if you hear of a
sandbox or seat at a bar where I am allowed to discuss
all audi subjects, please let me know.
Dave Lawson 71344.2441@compuserve.com
ur-quattro and coupe GT owner, Audi enthusiast and
QCUSA member #210 (vote early and vote often)
quattro Owners Club member #P876
NW Audi Quattro Club member #110