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Re: tqc vs s2.

>pristine low mileage 20v tqc's in similar condition are being sold for
>gbp19,000+ in britain.
>there were about 2,000 20v tqc's produced, of which only 220 were right
>hand drive (new
>zealand,  britain,  japan).

I know this is an old thread, I'm still wading througfh the email that
accumulated while I was in Hawaii in June, but,

Do we have any Japanese list members? I 'm curious coz cars in Japan are
worthless after a few years and or minor accidents. If the car doesnt pass
an emmission test, they crush it! Could be a good (cheap)source of low
mileage parts, if we can locate them. For example i have just bought a 35k
mile quad cam  urabuS motor complete with all wiring transmission
ancilaries etc for less than US$1000, could have had the turbo one for the
same money

John Firkins