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Re: QList Netiquette?

From: "Duff, Ian" <iduff@charter.com>
>Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 20:44:47 -0400
>Subject: QList Netiquette?
>My vote is to allow *any* responsible non-commercial Audi-related noise
>on the qlist. Things that are of interest to specific individuals should
>be transacted via private email between those interested. <snip>

At the risk of sounding like an AOL member, I would like to add a "me 
 too" to this excellent common-sense posting from Ian.  I agree 
 completely with his feelings of the treatment of the various parties 

Personally, I have no difficulty in using my delete key for things like 
 the setting up of a Run in another continent (the post run reports 
 however are generally interesting). 

We must (I really mean Dan must) be careful not to cut off our nose to 
 spite our face - there is a danger that Audi related information which 
 is of interest to large numbers of us could become outlawed.