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trade wheels, anyone?

Just wondering if anyone on the list isn't quite in their right mind (!?) and 
would therefore be interested in trading wheels with me. I have the stock 
Audi alloy 15x7, 37mm offset, 4 lug, 10-spoke wheels that came on the '93 90q 
and are also on the Cabriolets. I would like to trade for a set of the broad 
5-spoke wheels (kinda sorta like those on the S4, but smaller) that came on 
the '94 and '95 90q. I'm assuming all of their specs are the same. My wheels 
are straight and are 4 years and 67k old with normal cosmetic wear (IMHO). 
Willing to trade wheels +/- cash within 200 mile oval around the Baltimore-DC 
line. I don't care about the tires (I'm planning on getting a new set soon), 
but mine are the stock crap 195/65HR15 Eagle GAs with about 28k on them.

I'm sure it would make Dan (and me!) happy if you would e-mail me directly.

'93 90q
Laurel, MD