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Re: US A4 1.8t pricing (?), trim and the name I wont call it.

On Oct 23,  8:59am, todd candey wrote:
>... I spent my time trying to beat up a salesman about the
> 1.8T. He got out the pricing guide, and I every so sneakly
> (not really) got a look over his shoulder....
> Base price on the 1.8T is around 22k, with invoice being
> just above 20k. But, everything is an option package. Quattro-
> $1500, inv $900. Sport package (16"wheels, sport suspension and
> seats) $1500, inv $1000. Sunroof, something ridiculous like
> 1100bucks.

Todd, what pricing guide was this?  Things sound pretty
far off.  The quattro "option" for the A4 is usually invoiced
at MSRP, i.e. there's no markup.  The $1500 / $1000 pricing
for the sport package sounds off, as invoice on factory
options is usually about 87% of MSRP.  Are you sure about
these prices?

BTW, the sunroof package includes remote keyless entry.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q