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old Audi TQC postcards

I have acquired a small number (7) old (1982 publication date) Audi
promotional post cards featuring the then soon-to-arrive Audi quattro.
Pretty good shot of the car on the road, front three-quarters or so.  Mars
Red, American spec dual headlamps, those rings that some of us love (not
me) and some hate (definitely me, second things I took off the car, after
the d**m pin stripes).  Thought some of my fellow TQC/Ur-quattro owners
might be interested.

Up front, I'll have to say that preference will go to the guys that I have
corresponded with a little bit over the years...like Steve B., Glen, Dave,
Bryan, Phil, Bob...geez, there almost all gone.  Tell you what, let me know
if you're interested anyway. I should scan the thing in and send it out.

Don't think I can get anymore.  They were found by a friend at the
dealership stashed in the back of a desk drawer that was being moved and/or
replaced.  He just thought I'd be interested and held them for me.


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