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Re: 1982 USA urq

For those keeping score, I sent this list to a C ur-quattro
owner last spring. I have updated it to include the other
cars I have learned about since then.

83 US amazon blue/brown lthr C0535 owner on q-list
82       silver/brown lthr C0650 in PA
82 US  mars red(gobi)/brown lthr C0652 owner on q-list
82 euro lhasa green/brown lthr C0734 In CO
83 US black/brown lthr C0557 owner on q-list
82	lhasa green C0666 Totalled, last seen in OH
83 US mars red C0412 owner on q-list
82 US mars red/brown lthr C0586 seen in NH
82 US helios blue/brown lthr C0622 previous owner on q-list
82 euro gobi beige/brown velour C0305 in Boulder, CO

And the earliest i know of
81 euro silver/brown velour B0103 in CO, old Audi test car
81 euro silver B???? owner on q-list
82 euro silver ????? TQC reg masters car  
81 euro silver ????? for sale in Vestal NY in 1988
Dave Lawson