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Tranny Spew

 JULIE KAY KOSIK SHICK <roofus@net-link.net> asked:
> Has anyone heard of this problem?  1990 V8 Quattro with an auto trans.  
> The trans spews fluid out of the vent when driven.  Driven hard or easy, 
> it doesn't matter.  none of the mechanics have been able to figure it 
> out.  Maybe someone here can, I hope.

OK, Julie, let's try a shot in the dark.  I ran into this same 
problem with a non-Audi (actually, it was a 1980 Olds Cutlass back 
when I was selling them, but wottheheck...).  The car in question 
would drive OK for a while, but then fluid would spew out the vent.  
It wouldn't do it when running on a lift, but only on the road.
Drove us crazy until we tore the tranny down completely, and a 
sharp-eyed mechanic saw that one of the plates on the hydraulic pump 
was slightly warped.  When the transmission was operating under a 
load (on the road) the warped plate allowed air to enter the pump, at 
which point it was mixed with the fluid, creating lotsa foamy fluid - 
when then expanded and spewed from the vent.

I have seen the hydraulic pump for the 84-91 5K series, (I have a 
pump sitting on my workbench at home...I paid $600 for a new one, and 
anything that expensive should be kept for a paper-weight) and it has a 
cover plate which could be subject to a similar problem.  Any OTHER 
entry of air into the pressurized path of the ATF could create a similar 
problem when it hit the pump, as it would create foam.

Try that one on your mechanic..............................

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