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Re: Quattro Quattro

Steve asks,

>Make that 4 82s. Mine is WAUDC0857CA900561 and I'm the third owner, the
>first was Bruno K. How can I find out when the build date was? 

In the drivers door jamb there is a plate/sticker which has the VIN, GVW,
I think production city, some emissions stuff and in one corner there is a date,
12/81, 1/82, 2/82, etc. That is the only place in the car that I have found this 
info, if there are others I would like to know. Also of interest is the production
option sheet. This is found in the upper right side of the trunk(or boot if your 
prefer), near where the hinge attaches to the body. It lists the paint code,
interior code, engine/tranny code, and the options the car was produced
with. A few months ago Steve Buchholz gave a great list of the option codes.
I have taken these and included some other ones and am creating a list, along 
with the paint codes for the US cars.

Dave Lawson