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Specifications? & suggestion.

What is the difference between the NF and NG motors?

Which brings me to this.  A young man I know, not on the list,
was browsing the web looking for Audi information.  He was
disappointed that he could not find what he wanted. Surprised,
Since there is an incredible wealth of info here, I asked what
king of information he wanted. He was looking for a site that
had specifications for each Audi by model. 

I sort of imagine a web page with links to each model from, say
1980 on, to a page of specs for that car. It would also be nice
to include the European specs and have pointers to performance
options (list member projects?) and, if it could be done,
relevant archives for maintenance.  The first level or two would
not be very difficult. once we agreed on the laundry list of
specs and the cars to be covered. The project lends itself to
distributed development and after the draft specs were done they
could be posted for review with corrections mailed to the
project coordinator rather than the list.  

Dan would you put something like this up on the quattro list web

I'll volunteer for the '85-'87 4000Q

> From: AUDIDUDI@delphi.com
> To: human@nh.ultranet.com; QUATTRO@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Re: engine for 82 coupe?
> Date: Friday, October 25, 1996 7:25 AM
> > Does anyone know the engine number(s) I would be looking
> You want an NF or NG code motor ... don't forget that you'll
also need most
> of the F.I. and ignition system as well since the car runs
10:1 CR and your
> original engine didn't have a knock-sensor.  The installation
should not be
> too difficult but it's more complicated than just swapping