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RE: Importing To US

There has been recent posts about bringing a Euro-Spec auto to US soils.

Well theres two options, maybe three!

First, be an Auto Parts supplier and obtain a "special license" from the 
approiate Government office, to import a fine German car here!  One 
catch- it can only stay for a year.  Unless you have it DOT certified!!

Second, have alot of money, seek out a company in the Bay area of 
California(cant remember the name) whom will import any Euro make you 
can afford...MUST be a new car though!! Thats how the Escort Cossworth 
and 959 got here!!!

Third- smuggle one, via containerized shipping, and here too you need 
alot of bucks!! (Canada)

The military option is out, unless you are a high ranked so and so!

Either way you go, if you have enough BUCKS, you can get "anything"
into this country!! Registration is another matter!!