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F/S S6 Parts list

All For Sale make realistic offer.
All from 1995 S6 with 20k miles on it.

phone ECU only no hand set
steering wheel w/o air bag(blew)
instrument cluster
2 frt. drive shaft assm. comp. with CVs
both frt fenders need alittel work 
sunroof assm with frame track and motor
Dr. side rear door complete
Dr. side frt door window assm with reg.
Air box not bag
rear diff.
duel exhuast system with twin cats
rear hud spindel assm.
frt. subframe complete with a/r bar and control arms
rad. fan cluch
steering colum
steering rack
fuel sender
bose stereo system with all speakers & wiring
interor blower
interior flap control box
heater core assm.
ABS brake system hyd. & ecu
brake master cyl.
  Let me know what you want and how much you will give??
                   Thanks   Rick