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Cops Don't Eat Rubber Donuts

In six years, the exhaust hanger donuts have broken on my car in various
places at least three times.  The latest treat was that one of the
replacement donuts (bought from the dealer) did not just break, but wore
slowly to where it had lengthened by about .25 of an inch.

This gave me wear on the mid-downpipe to where it was rubbing on the
rear axle (without noise mind you).  When it was finally noticeable
enough to hear, it had worn a small but loud hole in the downpipe.  How

Question:  The "roller chain" hangers have gotten much bw here, but do
they work?  If so, where can I empty my wallet for 12 cents worth of

TIA, as always.


Former QCUSA #356
'97 (Soon to be) ovloV 850TWAWD
'90 80Q Loud n' Nasty
'86 16V Scirocco Wolfsburg Edition
'85 5KCS