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Re: Bleeding clutch (help!)

Daniel Hussey wrote:
>          1. Where is the clutch bleeder valve?  I think I've seen it before,
> but when I was looking around the other day, I couldn't find it.

It's right on top of the transmission in my 5KCSTQ. It's rather
difficult to get to.
>          2. I bought a manual brake bleeder (pump by hand kind) and I was wonde
> ring if I could use that to bleed the clutch?  In the manual, I remember it say
> ing to use a pressure bleeder to bleed it, but I was wondering if I really need
> ed this?  And, if so, how much are they and where can I find one?

Sounds like this is some type of pressure bleeder. If so, it should do
the job.

>     Any help would be appreciated.  I also read someone's post about getting
> air in the brake lines.  How bad is it if a little got in?  My brakes did feel
> a little spongy after the fluid change, but I didn't see any air bubbles in the
> fluid when bleeding it, so I think I am OK.

Never experienced getting air in the brake lines while bleeding the
clutch. I would suggest not letting the fluid get too low in the
reservoir. The shop manuals say to bleed the clutch, then the brakes.
I've bleed the clutch without touching and effecting the brakes.

>     So, my question is; if a little air got in, would that be a big deal and
> would that effect braking ability on the track?  It was a pain in the ass and I
> 'd really hate to have to bleed them again.

I would think you would feel the air in the brake lines. Not sure
exactly. Wouldn't want to take a chance though. Stopping is pretty

Michael Eck
88 GTI 16V