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Winter Tires (Test Results)

In the November 1995 Automobile magazine they publised the following results:
Tire: packed snow Braking/Acceleration     Polished ice  Braking/ Acceleration
Braking distance from 3 mph; acceleration in g's from 0-30 mph
BFG Touring T/A 86 ft 0.17g(snow),296 ft 0.07 g (ice)
Bridgestone Blissak WS-15 75 ft, .22 g (snow), 241 ft,0.08 g(ice)
Continental Sport Contact TS 750 91 ft, 0.15 g (snow), 292 ft, 0.06 g (ice)
Michelin Alpin 81 ft, 0.21 g (snow), 275 ft 0.07g (ice)
Nokia Hakkepelitta 10 83 ft, 0.18 g (snow), 283 ft, 0.07 g(ice)
BFG (retest - control)93 ft 0.17 g(snow), 297 fto.06 g(ice)
 Subjective results: BFG progressive/easy to control; Blissak phenominal grip, 
quick response o steering inputs, balance nearly perfect; Continental 
omparable to BFG all season; Alpin Best in Accelerative traction, require 
skill uncomfortable when sliding turn in response excellent, Blissaks have 
edge in driveability; Nokia shines on handling course Easy to drive fast as 
lomg as you don't care which way you are pointed (rally drivers) grip isnt 
high but is easiy useable.
Personnally I have had Continental TS740' 185/65-15s on my quattro and Corrado 
for the past 5 years and found them to work well until the tread was down to 
1/8" or so, and also wear well.  From the advertising the Alpin may be better 
on average for longer but Blissaks seem best until worn down.

86 5000 CD Quattro 292,000 km
90 Corrado G60 114,000 km