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Re: Specifications? & suggestion.

>Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 12:50:46 +0100
>To: "Bruce Bell" <bbell@csn.net>
>From:tnas@dtpdirect.nl (Tom Nas, DTP Direct bv)
>Subject:Re: Specifications? & suggestion.
>Hi Bruce,
>>Which brings me to this.  A young man I know, not on the list,
>>was browsing the web looking for Audi information.  He was
>>disappointed that he could not find what he wanted. Surprised,
>>Since there is an incredible wealth of info here, I asked what
>>king of information he wanted. He was looking for a site that
>>had specifications for each Audi by model.
>>I sort of imagine a web page with links to each model from, say
>>1980 on, to a page of specs for that car. It would also be nice
>>to include the European specs and have pointers to performance
>>options (list member projects?) and, if it could be done,
>>relevant archives for maintenance.  The first level or two would
>>not be very difficult. once we agreed on the laundry list of
>>specs and the cars to be covered. The project lends itself to
>>distributed development and after the draft specs were done they
>>could be posted for review with corrections mailed to the
>>project coordinator rather than the list.
>Excellent idea!!!!! I've suggested something along these lines some time
>ago. I've got all specs of the post-86 80 and 90
>sedan/coupe/cabriolet/Avant models, Euro spec,the A3/A4/A6/A8 and some
>more. If you decide on the format of this info, I've got the specs, a
>couple of nice photographs and a scanner waiting! Brochures, year books,
>road tests, the lot.
>Drop me a line and I'll get started. I haven't got access to a web site myself.
>1988 80 1.8S

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