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radiator leak

>I have a leak in my radiator.  It's not too bad, but a leak nontheless.
>What is the general consensus on "stop leak" products.

I have used many of these.  The only on I would recommend is "Silver
Seal".  I have seen it stop some pretty large leaks in an emergency, and
I run it permanently in my old farmall.  The tractor's steering column
goes through the radiator, and being over 50, the beast needs all the
help it can get to keep antifreeze inside.

The most common complaint with these products is that the heat stops.  I
personally have never had a heater core clog up with this stuff.  It's
getting harder to find around here, runs about $3, and comes in a
cylindrical cardboard tube, mostly red and blue, about 1"x3-1/2".  I
would accept no other.  I keep a tube in each car's tool kit.  It helped
me hang on until I got a new rad for the 5ks last year.
(insert YMMV + standard qlist disclaimer here...).
'86's: 5ks&5ktq