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Haynes manual is WRONG!

Fellow Listers....
   First off, thanks for all of the replies concerning the pressure 
bleeding of my clutch (87 Coupe GT).  Unfortunately, none of the bleeding 
techniques worked.  I finally determined that the clutch slave cylinder 
was extending to its maximum, but was not engaging the clutch.
  So, yesterday, my Birthday :),  I dismantled the clutch again and found 
the problem.
This is I M P O R T A N T if you happen to be using a Haynes manual,  the 
picture showing the clutch disc and the pressure plate is  W R O N G!   
The picture shows the shoulder of the clutch plate as being out towards 
the pressure plate.  It should go towards the flywheel.

I just thought everyone should know.  It sure would have saved me time 
and effort if the picture had been right.

P.S.  the clutch now works perfectly, with no further bleeding.  

Justin Riley
aka: baselope@netwide.net  & jr@akamail.com (Permanent e-mail address)

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