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RE: FIA Quattro Ban

It's possible that the US manufacturers have a problem with the quattro
system (or whatever version of it is in the Touring Class cars), but I
tought the immediate whiners are the manufacturers that got their little
fannies kicked (almost) all over the world this year by Audi. BMW
doesn't have a viable AWD system for racing and as far as I know,
neither does/did Volvo, Alfa or Opel (GM).
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa
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>>This started with the engine, where Audi is being forced to run a
>>old design because no one else has a five-valve-per-cylinder engine.  Now,
>>because no one else has a competitive AWD system, Audi is being forced to
>While I lament the FIA decision, I have to disagree with your reasoning
>there Phil. Just about all the Japanese manufacturers have competitive AWD
>systems available, just look at the WRC. I think its more likely that the
>FIA is responding to pressure from TOCA, who in turn is probably responding
>to the other major teams and the teams that TOCA would like to see, ie The
>US manufacturers who havent a chance with their current models.
>John Firkins