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Re: '90 V8Q tranny ramblings.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<snip, great job>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

.  (Two tranny dipsticks on order.)
Holy shucks. Didn't know they made one. Just drive til it dont shift 
> After reading up on and speaking to a few "experts" on ZF trannys,
> I've concluded that most of the trannys replaced at dealerships
> could have just as easily been repaired by changing a solenoid or
> harness...
     Over a long, long cool one had an unamed Audi mech tell me they made 
more money by switchout... harness a real PITA  to replace. Right???

>..and this one still has UFO brakes. UFO-Unbelievabley
> F***ing Overpriced.
     Agree on the overpriced... but I gotta be the only guy on this list 
who really likes em. And when I gotta buy new rotors I may change big 
time. Sure do stop though, over and over and over... mine no warp..
sorry I said that, he says, reaching for wallet. 

>I'm pretty sure an all expense paid trip to the "merican autobahn" of
>Montana for a test drive is in order! ;)
      Sure is, but be veddy careful. They really frown at much over 
three figs, and get downright glassy-eyed over H-rated speeds. BTDT 
:((....  ex Marine Corps master sgt I think... very articulate SOB

Great Post, Mr. Cobram@channel1.com


Stolen from another list, "I want to die peacefully in my sleep like 
my dad, not screaming in the back like his passengers..."