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Re: A4Q vs RX7TT? Unh Unh.

Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
> ...compared to a...RX7 twin turbo, there are precious few quattros
> (even modded) that will keep up.

At a PCA driver's ed event two weeks ago, a friend let me drive
his RX7TT, what a hoot! Not only do you have all this power, 
but it spools up SOOO quickly. (I asked him "what's that ding ding
bell noise?", he says "the redline alert").

..and the feel in your butt of first one turbo at 3000rpm, then
the second one at 5000rpm, then, almost instantly, you are at
8000rpm, ding ding ding ding.....wow.

Glenn Lawton
83urq 12psi