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<V8> Massachusetts is Wet!

Hi listers:

I recently moved from the Denver area to Marshfield, MA and we had a
monster rainstorm here a week ago.  So much rain that a number of
problems popped up with my V8.  BTW, it ran great from Denver to Chicago
to Toronto to Ottawa to Boston.  Very smooth at high speed and the
accelleration ar sea-level is fantastic.  Anyway, blower motor for heat
and A/C started acting up and still nagging problem with fogging inside,
especially during the BIG rain last weekend.  I took my car to Rietzl
Porsche-Audi in Rockland to get a new blower motor and oil change, etc. 
Asked them to check the fogging..you know those nice carpets in the
front with big sponges underneath?  Soaked with water.  Who knows for
how long. I they want to spend 4 or 5 hours looking for the leak and I
must say I'm inclined to let them do it as it's rainy here a lot and I
must park my car outside frequently.

Any suggestions?  BTW, I'm having the windshield replaced this week (no
deductible comp. insurance) in hopes that might fix it.


Tim Gortner
Marshfield, MA
'90 V8Q