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Aurora Borealis

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Psycho Bob wrote:

> >Yes, it can be a tiny bit discouraging.  The UBERWGN (95.5 S6 Avant
> >chipped up to maybe 270 HP) is good, even off the line, but usually I
> >attain a superior position through stealth and responsiveness, not raw
> >horsepower.  Just this weekend I was unable to overcome an Aurora, and
> >another even less stellar low-end GM effort that shall remain nameless
> >due to embarrasement...
> S'cuse me? Baked beans? Aurora!?? It's rated at 0-60mph at 8.6 sec; 1/4
> mile at 16.5 sec by R&T. Of course, unless you're at speed and you're
> trying to over-take that boat? You sure you got a good chip?
Psycho Bob,

	As a sometimes Aurora driver, I have to concurr that that car is 
fairly quick.  It can give you quite a bit of torque steer, and its 
handling is atrocious, but it does go well in a straight line with that 
4.0 litre Northstar.  It revs high and smooth, and the published numbers 
are low I think.  Watch out for a new Aurora next year with 
_significantly_ more power!  It still has DRLs though:-(

Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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