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Re: HELP; front brake lock up

Hi Bob

You wrote:

>        on the way to Boston saturday the 89 200q steering wheel started to
>shake big time at 65 mph and the car had no power. I went to pull over in
>the breakdown lane with the car out of gear, it stopped by it self. I waited
>a few mins and started out again, the car was under some strain. then it
>sounded like a burp and the car took off, but not for long. less than 5 mins
>or so same thing happened.  while struggling along I decided to dis-able the
>anti lock, turning the switch on and off had some impact. I made it to the
>house. the right front break was very hot and a little smokey. Ilet the car
>sit and cool it was very hot. when I went to move it in reverse I heard a
>clunk and the car moved freely. I drove home today with anti lock off the
>whole way with no problems.    But thats not cool   anyone care to take a
>stab at this one... PLEASE

Had the same thing happen to me on my 90q last year.  Turned out to be an
incorrectly adjusted pair of front ABS wheel sensors.  It was making the
ABS operate during normal highway driving (most unerving).  Adjustment of
the sensors cured the problem.

Have you recently had any suspension work carried out?  Mine was caused
when my local dealership replaced my front strut bearings and didn't set
the sensors correctly on rebuild.

Hope this helps.

                                Ian Gregory

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