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88 90Q transmission ?s

Hey there,

Long time lurker (two years now?) de-lurking for a request for
a number of reasons.

I've got a relatively new (to me) 88 90Q that grinds the gears a bit
on a high rpm shift (5k and above).  Not liking the feel of that, I
don't shift up there very often, and I shift more slowly when I do.

That helps.

The questions:

Would anyone expect a drain and refill of the transmission lube to
help?  At 97k miles, I should refresh.  Although my other 88 90,
the non-q, has never had it changed, just loves to rev and it's only got
192k miles on it...  :^)  Yes, the wife gets the red quattro...

I would need to know where to locate the drain and fill holes...

Could the quattro drive-train be suffering (or contributing to ) the 
same problem?  Is there any fluid maintenance I can-should be doing
with that?

Never having worried about clutches and transmissions (just cv joints
on the ole rabbit GTI), I am ignorant of their inner workings.  Could
someone explain the mechanics of "planetary gears" and "throw out" 
bearings to me?  My intuition would assume their job to be to slow
down the spinning transmission, through the use of centrifugal force,
when the clutch is disengaged.  How's that for a stab in the dark?

In other news, I would like to share my thoughts on the Audi experience
as it relates to the 88-91 90 models...  I've got a few miles of 
experience to speak from; about 120k miles worth over the last 3.5 years.

Put on your fun hats and gather 'round, campers!
**** sung to the Gilligan's Island theme song ***

So, sit right back and you'll hear a tale; a tale of my 90 q-ship,
which I picked up for seven grand and a smile upon my lip.

The first day was a little rough; the car she died and coughed
I was a little embarassed that day, my fiance, she scoffed!
my fiance she scoffed!
my fiance she scoffed!

The dealer fixed it free of charge- the small mis-hap it was past,
I knew just like an omen then, it would not be my last.
It would not be my last.
It would not be my last.

The omen proved to be true. Through the years and at great cost,
I replaced many parts and fixed some things, a labor of my love...

With control arm bushings
     ...and brand new struts

* do-diddle-dee-dee*

An idle valve
* dum diddle-dee-doo*
     ...and door locks 

The condenser's shot
    ...hydraulic pump knocks

*** big finish now!***
But I'd rather drive my fun Audi than-

I hope this puts a smile or two on your collective faces when you bring
those fine five cylinder engines to life tomorrow!  Laugh a little
maniacally at those Honda owners whose automotive experience 
involves making payments, filling up the gas tank, and waiting at 
jiffy lube once every three months (or three thousand miles!) until
the lease runs out!  What do THEY know about fun?  Can they double
clutch their car into third at highway speeds and love it?  No!  Can
they figure out why the ^%&^&$! their plate lights don't work when
everything else on the circuit does?  No!  Can they see miles ahead at
night without $400 worth of modifications to their headlights?  ...well,
yes they can...  But can they actually comprehend an odd number of
cylinders?  Even in their Volvo 850s?  Of course not!

We're a special breed, ladies and gentlemen; don't forget that.  Put
aside your bickerings, your differing interests, your keychains and
your qcusa's (actually, save those for the next trip to your mechanic),
and remember, in that simple shift between second and third, when
the lovely wood grip on your short-throw, leather clad shifter goes
'snick' into gear, and the engine smoothly, quietly tells you through
the seat-back, and the steering wheel, and the tack and the exhaust,
"yes, that feels good. All is well." Remember, ladies and gentlemen, that
is an Audi.  That is why we're here.  That is why we read and contribute,
quattro owners and non-quattro owners, from foxes to s-6's; that is
what we are when we drive.  The Q-list is "unka Bart," it's the Kanc-run,
it's Steve Verona and Andrew Duane.  It's Bob D'amato and Steadi-rick,
it's a steering rack and no performance enhancements to a non-turbo
five...  It's all of us, and it's our cars.  Enjoy them and enjoy
this friendship of the list.  Thanks, Dan!

Whew, my liberal teachers broke through for a minute!  Not good for
a cynical conservative guy like me to show heart.  Ah, well.

And so, I shall head forth to my commute.  All sixty miles of it to home
and family (Newborn!  First!  Luke!  Two months old!  First ride was in
a quattro!  Has his own golf-club already!), and, like I do every day,
looking forward to and enjoying every minute of it.  

Did I mention that Colorado raised it's speed limit to 75?  

Dennis Ruffing 
88 90 2wd, silver, fun.
88 90 Quattro, red, more fun!