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Struts ?????

Hello Once Again-

	I have a very unmoral question??  :-(

I have a 4kq (1986 152kmiles) That is in much need of rear struts, on
any un-smooth road (most of CT) the rear end kinda like bounces side to
side and all over the road, kinda scary!!!  Now when braking hard it
does the same???????  I'm on a very tight budget (well I just got
married a few weeks ago and well.....YOU KNOW!!!) So I went a Midas
which told me it would cost $179.99 for the rear and $179.99+strut
bearings+front alignment.  My normal audi guy want about $200 a strut
installed???  I love the car, but at $800+ dollors vs. 432.

	Would the Audi Gods disaporve?????

	How bad can they be at Midas, The car runs great never had a car with
150+ miles have so much power and a real blast to drive to boot???

Any one with help please post me!!!

John Seitz