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Re: A4Q bigger than life

In a message dated 96-10-28 17:36:14 EST, you write:

<< the cars, you ask?!?
 #1 was a Sport Quattro
 #2 was an RX7TT
 different cars, different days, different codnitions, nearly the same
 _both_ were well driven, IMNSFHO
 steve powers
hmmm....  But the post was an 
A4v6 gainst a tt....  Sport q unmodified at 300+ and AWD, and most have been
tweeked to 350+ (very easily done, btw)....  RX7@255hp@RWD....  Graydon still
has a sound post IMO....  My post "<<<< To play in the RX7tt league, one
would need a Stealth tt, a Supra tt, a
Vette ZR1, a sport quattro maybe...>>>>>  - now confirmed...  
Interesting your post tho steve.....  Sport q's barely passed PDQ @ brainard
last year on the straight, the RX7tt did easier this year at Gingermann