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V8 expectations

A 90 V8 Quattro is for sale here in Atlanta, and I would very much like to
own one. 

But, I would like to know what to expect during the 2nd 100k miles. I _KNOW_
that  there will be lots of ridiculously expensive parts to buy should any
extraordinary damage occur, ie broken timing belt, body/suspension/exhaust
parts. But can I live with this car and just take care of the normal wear
events: bearings, brakes, timing belts, suspension bushings/bearings
(Stop!),... and expect the drive-train (quattro+5sp) to hang tough well past
200k?   My 85 5000 is.

Also, will the A/C work like a $50k car's should? 
What about trying to sell one: now? in 4 years?

Just trying to justiy the burning lust. TIA, David