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RE: 91 200qw for sale in Seattle

And the Kelly Blue Book web page lists tradein value( in WA state) for this 
fine automobile at $13,750!!!..Add maybe $3k for dealer profit (big ripoff) 
and, by my estimation, shoulda been a $16,500 - $17,000k car, which as owners 
of the 91 200q and qw all will surely agree, is ludicrous for this car with 
only 24k mi.. So much for the Kelly Blue Book!! Just ask Peter what one with 
almost twice the mileage sold for  6 months ago. 

91 200q

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<< I just call on this and it "shot outa here real quick" according to the
 salesman for $22,900!!
 My year old NADA book says these book for $19K, does anyone have ideas as to
 what is making quattros "appreciate"???

There is no better tonic for used car values than hot new car sales (within
the same make), and new Audis are moving out at a pretty good clip.  Late
model Audi resale is really firming up, as the car above shows.  Not much
will ever bring up the value of the 10 year old cars, but if you are
dithering on the purchase of something built within the last 5 years, my
guess is that values will be holding constant or slightly slightly for some
time to come.  And no, I'm not in the used car business.

For the sake of a cross check, it would be worth looking at the quoted value
in the very latest NADA book versus your year-old version.  (This statement
applies to U.S. and Canada)