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Re: Bose sucks.

Dan Masi interjects the voice of reason here, when he writes:

> On Oct 29,  3:01am, SaamG@aol.com wrote:
> > Subject: Bose sucks.
> > Bose sucks.  Their home line sucks.  Their car line is worst.
> > It's just good marketing and totally crappy product.
> This is getting just a tad extreme.  I'm the first to admit that
> the Bose car audio system sounds, for the most part, no better
> than most stock systems (IMO, the A4's stock system is superior
> to the Bose).  And yes, the Bose image is fueled by lots of
> clever marketing.  But saying that it's a "totally crappy
> product" is probably overstating the case a bit.  Their home
> line is fine and addresses a real, and large, market; those
> 98% of consumers who aren't critical about audio and just
> want to listen to music. 

Ah yes.  It also addresses the needs of those of us who have spent entirely
too much of our lives around howitzers.  Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart has owned 
and *enjoyed* an ancient top of the line Bang & Olafson (4000) system; complete 
with B&O's top speakers, since he bought it new in 1975.  No one has ever 
commented unfavorably upon that system, and more to the point, it has pleased 
(and continues to please) the old varmint enormously since then.  

4 or 5 years ago I installed a Bose "Lifestyle" system in my upstairs living 
room (don't ask), the one with the tiny speaker pairs and the powered base.  To 
my (probably damaged) ears, it sounds *wonderful!*  And the ability to control 
it from *anywhere in the house ain't too shabby either...

Call me wierd, but it is my humble opinion that having a top end sound system in
an automobile, at least, in one moving at the rate Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart
normally moves, is either a complete waste of money, or a serious threat to the 
safety of all.  

"Listening" to the music with the degree of attention required to benefit from 
the subtle nuances one would expect from a top-end system diverts more attention
from the task at hand than is prudent or safe.

But them I'm just an ol' country boy, what do I know...

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart