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Re: 88 90Q transmission ?s

Dennis, loved the song, loved your philosophy of cars more! :)
With regards to your 90Q:  When my tranny started to be unhappy at higher
revs (~100,000miles) I changed the fluid.  It helped a little but the
problem was still there and was gettting worse.  I got the occassional
grind into 3rd and 4th but as soon as it became a daily occurrence I had
the tranny rebuilt.  Essentially the synchros in 2nd and 3rd had worn out
and they were replaced along with the rest and a few bearings here and
	WHen changing the fluid the drain plug is on the bottom of the
tranny and the fill plug is on the drivers side.  Be sure to remove the
fill plug before the drain plug for the sole reason the it would be a
bummer to drain the fluid out and find that you couldn't get the fill plug
out to refill.... When refilling, your "full" indicator is when the fluid
is level with the fill hole. I would also recommend changing your rear
differential fluid while your at it.  Mine was a little low and very
"sludgy."  Furthermore, my experience with changing tranny and diff fluid
on high mile cars is that they develop very minor leaks.  I prefer to call
it seepage.  YMMV.
Good luck!

Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU
'88 90Q
Fenton, Michigan USA