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Re: 86 Coupe GT wreck, what parts to take?

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>I am purchasing a 86 Coupe GT identical to mine, Gray with red leather. The
car had its front end >smashed in.  I don't have room to store the hulk, so
I am going to have it stripped on saturday.  I will >take the sensors, doors
, sunroof, dash tires and alloys.What other suggestions do you have for
>salvage? Anything in the heating AC?

Seats ... for you or for sale.  The relay and fuse panels.  Brake and
coolant reservoirs if intact.  I'm trying to think of easy things.  Bumper
trim.  All the little lights and plate holder type junk.  Dashboard -
condition?  when they aren't cracked we all lust after them ... I need one. 
Power lock pump.  Trunk lid.  Trunk lid pistons.  Hood piston?  Heater area 
(under hood) plenum cover (the plastic sheet thingie)  These are all things
you might be glad to have, are easy to remove and store, and tend to go bad
eventually.  Gearshift knob, boot.  Door light switches.  steering wheel. 
Horns.  Interior light assemblies.  Gauges, instrument cluster, heater vent
flaps - the directional vanes and the on/off flaps.   Tail lights.  I could
go on forever?  Rear view mirror.  Gas tank lid (& cover).  Wiper arms. 
Wiper motor.  Did I mention all the relays?

Email me if you need to figure out how to pry any of this treasure off. 

half shafts.  exhaust?  brake parts.  fool pump.  engine ancillary systems -
fuel block, I guess you mentioned sensors; starter, alternator, A/C pump 
(are these wrecked?).  Oil pan.  dipstick ....
Huw Powell

82ish Coupe (drowned) 73 F250 (sounds like 4 Harleys) various lawn ornaments
(might be a redneck)

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