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Winter Tires??

	I am posting for a friend (from the Corrado Mailing list).  His
father drives a FWD A4 and is looking for winter tires.  He asked me my
opinion and told him Pirelli makes (made) good snow tires.  I figured the
best place to ask was here.  I have learned a lot from this list and
figured you guys/gals (experts) can help :)
His local dealer is selling Goodyear Eagle GW.  What do you guys think of 
this tire?  Is it worth spending money on Eagles?  What tires do you guys 
recommend?  He is looking for non-studded tires with great braking 
properties.  They must be quiet and have good traction in all 
conditions.  Here in Montreal we get a lot of ice storms as well as snow. 
Handling in wet and dry conditions must be considered. 
His father is buying the tires Saturday morning so an answer would be 
greatly appreciated ASAP.


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