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Re: 86 Coupe GT wreck, what parts to take?

Take everything you can.
Even the side windows and suspension. (if you have space)
I had to go to the junkyard and get the side window (stereo theft) 
weeks after I stripped and sent to die one Coupe.
Than after a meeting with a curbe I had to go to the same place and 
take the rear Panhord rod (? spelling) from the same car.
Lucky me the junkyard owner knows it was my car so he didn't charge 
me anything.
TAKE OFF EVERYTHING and send out only the shell...
Hold on you could use the doors and fenders?
I know I need help.
Have fun ripping it apart ( I stripped 3 of those already).
Martin Pajak
1982 Coupe (426,000 km)
1984 4000s quattro (320,000 km under the wrench)
1970 Porsche 911E Targa (also under the wrench)

Who put my tools in the dishwasher?