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Re: Turbo care

yeah,  this is what i thought.  when i say "air-cooled" i meant no cooling other
than air (and the oil in the bearing).

only thing was i though the audi turbo didn't get the water cooling until the
1988 model year.  i know that with my old '85 ur-q i was told that there
was no water cooling of the turbo and to let it cool down at idle after a
long run.

maybe the states were different?

anyone know?

'93 s2
'90 ur-q

..>In a message dated 96-10-29 18:15:09 EST, you write:
..><< i think that you'd find that both these turbos are air-cooled, not water
..> the water cooled turbo for the ur-q was the 1988 2.2litre/hydralic cam motor
..> upgrade if memory is correct....
..> warming down is an absolute must after hard driving with a air-cooled turbo.
..> -dave.
..> '93 s2
..> '90 ur-q >>
..>Maybe you are a little confused dave...  By water cooled and oil cooled, one
..>refers to the turbocharger bearing housing....  The two theories are:  WC =
..>coolant is flowed thru the bearing housing, oil still is the bearing shaft
..>"carrier" but the heat sink is no longer the oil, it is the coolant  2)  OC =
..>Oil cooled which means the heat sink is the oil, and in fact, is a misnomer,
..>cuz unless you add a accusump, ALL TURBOS, by definition, are oil cooled....
..> However, the older cars use oil only as the heat sink, which creates big
..>prollums when the turbo is hot and shut down...   All audis since 1985 have
..>Water cooled turbo bearing housings, and as of 1986 all audi turbos have the
..>afterrun water pump for the turbocharger.....  This corresponded with the
..>running change to a single oil filter from 1986>, prior to that all audi
..>turbos had 2 oil filters, one for the turbo only.....  There is no such thing
..>as an "air cooled" turbo, that is, by definition, an oil cooled turbo,
..>otherwise it is indeed not a turbo...