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S4:Bigger Turbos & K& N Cone filter

I'am new to the list and am looking for info. on a specific turbo for my S4.
 I have read several articles from the British Publication: Volkswagen/Audi
Car that discuss the Nothelle N300 S2 Coupe and S2 Estate modifications to
the 20V Turbo (230h.p. engine)-  the specs they list for the modified cars in
the articles I've read state that they are getting a maximum torque figure in
the low  300 range at 2300 rpms.  The articles also state that the power is
similar to that of the RS2 but comes on much lower in the rpm range and they
favor this setup over the lag happy RS2 modification.   I believe max torque
for the RS2 is achieved at over 3000 rpms.  I am very interested in finding
out what turbo Nothelle is using for their modification since I live in high
altitude Colorado and don't want to give up too much of my low end grunt for
mid and high rpm gains. The only clues in the article that I found was that
it was a KKK turbo with a small turbine for quicker spool up combined with a
larger compressor..  Has anyone ever contacted this tuner (Nothelle) and if
so could you forward me the info. on who to call (do they speak English?,
 price?, is there some other way to get this turbo?, etc.) 

Also, I recently  discarded (no I didn't throw it away) the airbox on my S4
and put a K & N cone filter on my car to go with my other modifications (RS2
manifold, 18 psi max boost chips, bilstein/eibach suspension from John
Beckius at Sport Wheels).  Anyone have any thoughts on the cone filter.
 Obviously its more noisy with the induction noise, etc. (but I like the
Choo-Choo train sound) -  I feel I am getting better throttle response and a
little more power.  Some people have told me that I might actually lose power
because of the possibility for it to suck in hot air from the exhaust
manifold area - however, the installation instructions from Schaumburg Audi
call for modification of the heat shield to help keep the hot air away from
the filter.  Anyone else tried this out - what do you think - am I dreaming
re: the performance improvements???