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Re: Fogs Only

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

> modified to let the fogs come on with parking lights or low beams or  high
beams......he he he
> 12v off of a relay triggered by the dash light  circuit. This way, no
matter what the head lights are >doing, the fog light  switch always has
power......Todd (apologies for heavy snippage)

Only potential drawback - you don't want the fogs staying on if you forget
to turn off the lights when you get out of the car.  I would use ignition
switching as well in that mix - the one relay could have an ignition
switched or park light switched ground, or you could chain two relays. 
Don't know how easy "AND" relays are to come by...  

Otherwise, nicely done. 
Huw Powell

82ish Coupe (drowned)
73 F250 (sounds like 4 Harleys)
various lawn ornaments (might be a redneck)

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