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Bose Sucks

Actually, as "stock" systems go, the Bose sounds pretty darned good.  I had
installed into my  previous car a high-end Sony head unit/CD player,
bi-levelled into some great but localtionally-limited coaxes and triaxes.
This was okay, but didn't sound as good (for normal listening levels) as the
Bose in the Audi A4Q.  Sure, it's overpriced and you could, from scratch,
get a better sounding system for a scant $1K more, but there is also the
advantage of not having to do so.  It also makes leasing less painful - no
mods needed for an adequate unit.

It may be relevant that I have a '97.  Audi made several improvements to
other areas of the car, perhaps this was one also.

FWIW, my taste runs through classical (especially Mozart), old musicals, and
hard rock (Warrant, Alice Cooper, Donny Iris, Lillian Axe, Savatage).  All
sound great on this unit.

>From: SaamG@aol.com
>Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 03:01:00 -0500
>Subject: Bose sucks.
>Bose sucks.  Their home line sucks.  Their car line is worst.  It's just good
>marketing and totally crappy product.  What's worst is that their fixtures
>and mounting techniques make upgrading a pain in the a--.
>As I said- Bose is poo poo.  Try ADS, some Alpine, some Sony, or write me for
>specifics and I can help you depending on application.
>Did I mention what I think about Bose?